Laboratory Testing

CENGRS has a fully-fledged geotechnical laboratory with facilities for testing soil, rock and groundwater samples. Our laboratory team members are well-trained to handle the state-of-art testing equipment.  We can also provide on-site laboratory services for major projects.

We are committed to providing reliable and accurate test results to our customers, along with technically correct interpretations.

As a part of this effort, our laboratory is accredited to the National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL).  This is a recognition that the quality procedures in our laboratory conform to the International Standard ISO/IEC: 17025-2017. This assures our clients of work quality in accordance with international norms and authorizes us to use the NABL Logo on test results.

We have in-house facilities to carry out the following laboratory tests: 

Tests on Soil

  1. Grain Size Analysis & Hydrometer
  2. Moisture Content and Density
  3. Void Ratio
  4. Atterberg Limits & Shrinkage Limit
  5. Specific Gravity
  6. Relative density
  7. Swell Index
  8. Swelling Pressure- oedometer and constant volume methods
  9. Direct Shear Tests 
  10. Direct shear test on remoulded specimen 
  11. Permeability (Falling head and Constant head)
  12. Unconfined Compression (UCS)
  13. Unconsolidated undrained (UU Triaxial)
  14. Consolidated Undrained (CU triaxial) with pore pressure measurement
  15. Consolidated Drained (CD triaxial) with volume change measurement
  16. Standard and Modified Compaction Tests
  17. California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
  18. One- dimensional Consolidation up to 16 bars

Tests on Rock:

  1. Density dry / saturated
  2. Moisture Content
  3. Water absorption
  4. Specific Gravity
  5. Porosity
  6. Unconfined Compressive Strength
  7. Point Load Strength
  8. Triaxial Compression
  9. Modulus of Elasticity
  10. Poisson's Ratio
  11. Brazilian Test
  12. Slake Durability
  13. Joint Shear Test
  14. Cerchar Abrasion test (CAR)