Geotechnical Consultancy

We offer comprehensive geotechnical consultancy services ranging from feasibility and design through to construction supervision. Early understanding of ground conditions can yield economy in design and construction and can prevent cost and time overruns.

At Cengrs, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer clients practical, cost-effective and innovative foundation solutions. Our team of geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists and civil engineers have a wealth of experience in different industry segments which ensures greater reliability of all engineering parameters.

We offer the following geotechnical consultancy services:

Basic Geotechnical Engineering Services​

  • Geotechnical Interpretative Reports (GIR)
  • Proof Checking, Peer Review of Third Party Foundation Designs
  • Design of Shallow Foundations
  • Design of Deep Foundations
  • Ground Improvement Solutions
  • Instrumentation and Monitoring Solutions
  • Forensic Analysis, Construction Claims
  • Design of Hardstands
  • Design of Tank Foundations

Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Services

  • Soil Structure Interaction (2D, 3D Finite Element Analysis)
  • Design of Deep Excavation Support Scheme in Urban Areas
  • Slope Stability, Seepage Analysis