Foundation Testing

Pile foundation is a substructure working underneath the ground surface. We don’t often pay attention to its existence when it is transferring loads from a structure to the soil or bedrock safely and as planned. However, possible shortcomings in the pile design or implementation are easy to observe when settlement occurs. Unfortunately, at this point, correcting those shortcomings are already too late or, at the very least, expensive.

A comprehensive testing program is critical to the successful performance of deep foundations. CENGRS provides the complete range of high-end pile testing services that are critical in verifying foundation design parameters and communicating corrective actions as required.

  1. Static Pile Load tests up to 3000 MT test load using kentledge, anchor or load-frame method
  2. Pullout and Lateral Pile Load Tests
  3. High-strain Dynamic Pile Testing using 8-channel PDA equipment for fast, reliable and cost effective evaluation of foundation bearing capacity and structural integrity 
  4. Bi-directional static load tests (BDSLT) using hydraulically driven, high capacity, sacrificial pressure cell, pre-installed into the test pile
  5. Instrumented Static Pile Load Tests using embedded strain gauges and extensometers
  6. Footing load tests using our own, customized load frame arrangement
  7. Parallel Seismic Tests for determining unknown foundation depth
  8. Cross-hole Sonic Logging tests (CSL) to assess the structural integrity of drilled shafts / bored piles and diaphragm walls
  9. Low-strain Pile Integrity tests to quickly assess structural integrity and length of all types of piles

Since we are qualified Geotechnical Engineers, we are fully capable of not just carrying out the tests, but also validating the test results technically and correlating them to the strata conditions.  Please refer to some of our recent publications illustrating our design-cum-testing approach: Quality Assurance for Deep Bored Piles, Back Analysis of Pile Load Test Results