Win: EAF Rebar Mill of Tata Steel Ltd. at Kadiana Khurd, Distt. Ludhiana (Punjab) - Inauguration of Project

Publish : Dec 2022, 06
Mr. Sorabh Gupta attended the ground breaking ceremony organized by Tata Steel for their upcoming steel plant at Ludhiana.

Tata Steel Long Products Managing Director Mr. Ashish Anupam talked about the many environmental advantages of this green venture, including low emissions and zero waste.

This is the biggest secondary steel unit to be set up by Tata Steel, having a capacity of producing 0.75 MTPA of finished steel per annum. In the first phase, Tata Steel is investing Rs 2,600 crore in this project.

Cengrs Geotechnica Pvt. Ltd. is executing the topographical survey of the plot covering an area of 120 acres and detailed Geotechnical Investigations at the project site.

More than 100 eCPT's, 50 boreholes, 50 pressuremeter tests, 6 cross-hole seismic tests etc. shall be carried out for a comprehensive characterization of the potentially liquefiable soils in this region.