Short Course on Soil Exploration organized by SC-7 subcommittee of Indian Geotechnical Society

Publish : Jul 2021, 10

The Sub-Committee SC-7 on Student Chapter Activities and Continuing Education of the Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS) has organized a Short Course on Soil Exploration (2 July to 7 Aug 2021). Targeting students and young engineers wanting to pursue a career in Geotechnical Engineering and practicing civil engineers, the course aims to familiarize the youngsters to the nuances of soil exploration.
Cengrs has always been committed to IGS as well as to technical dissemination of knowledge. Being leaders in soil exploration in the country, Cengrs is enthusiastically participating in this initiative.
Mr. Ravi Sundaram delivered a lecture titled "Plate Load Tests and Field Vane Shear Tests: Codal Provisions and Current State of Practice" on 31st July 2021.
Mr. Sanjay Gupta presented a lecture titled "Application of Pressuremeter Test for Geotechnical Design" on 6th August 2021.