Panel Discussion on "ARE WE OVERDESIGNING?" at 16ARC, Taipei (Taiwan)

Publish : Dec 2019, 07

Mr. Ravi Sundaram was a panelist on the Corporate Associates Presidential Group (CAPG) discussion on the topic "Are We Overdesigning" at the 16th Asian Regional Conference on Geotechnical Engineering held at Taipe (Taiwan).

A set of 10 geotechnical problems was circulated worldwide and experts were requested to solve them as per the practice in their country. Mr. Ravi Sundaram had submitted the solutions on behalf of Cengrs.

Mr. Peter Day, convener CAPG presented the scatter in the solutions based on 40 responses received from different countries.

In the panel discussion, Mr. Ravi Sundaram highlighted design practices in India that may lead to overdesign and also cautioned the group to ensure that all factors be thoroughly considered to ensure that foundation failure does not occur