IGS Bhopal Chapter Webinar on NDT Techniques to Determine Unknown Depth of Foundation

Publish : Feb 2022, 06

The Indian Geotechnical Society Bhopal Chapter invited Mr. Ravi Sundaram to deliver a webinar lecture on "NDT Techniques to Determine Unknown Depth of Foundations" on 4th February 2022.

In his presentation, he talked about instances where the engineer needs to reliably assess the depth of an existing foundation. These include:

  • New construction adjoining old structure for which foundation details are not known
  • Upgrading or replacing superstructure
  • Construction of metro tunnel in the vicinity

If the drawings for the old structure is not available, rational evaluation of foundation depth could present a challenge. NDT techniques such as Pulse Echo Response and Parallel seismic test can hecan help to make a rational assessment. The tests can also be used to help resolve dispute between contractor and client as well as for forensic geotechnics to identify cause of foundation failure