Geotechnical Investigation for Crest-2 Multi-storeyed Development

Publish : May 2023, 13
Cengrs thanks DLF for awarding the geotechnical investigation for the Crest-2, Gurugram district, Haryana to it. The 50-storeyed building complex presented a veritable challenge because of the steeply dipping rock at the project site.

The work, taken up in two phases, involves a comprehensive range of geotechnical tests, including 51 boreholes drilled up to 30-100 m depth, SPT energy measurement, 68 cyclic pressuremeter tests at 5 locations, 4 cross hole seismic tests with borehole deviation survey, seven electric cone penetration tests (eCPTu), etc.

The rock level at this site varies substantially from less than 12 m to more than 100 m. To characterize the rock effectively, core drilling was done using triple tube core barrel. Drilling using a modern PRD rig with a hydraulically operated SPT ensured good quality samples of soil and rock.

This project demonstrates Cengrs' expertise and commitment to providing comprehensive geotechnical investigation services. The data gathered from these tests will be critical in determining the geological and geotechnical properties of the site, developing the design profile and performing the foundation design and construction. Cengrs is proud to be contributing to the development of Gurugram district, Haryana through this important project.