CENGRS successfully completes 8th NABL Audit and upgrades to ISO: 17025-2017

Publish : May 2020, 02

CENGRS laboratory was one of the first Geotechnical Laboratories in India to be accredited by NABL for compliance with ISO 17025-1999 way back in 2005!  We were accredited to ISO: 1705-2005 in 2006 and have recently upgraded to ISO: 17025-2017.

Since the last 15 years, the company has been maintaining the accreditatation and ensuring high quality of laboratory testing and setting the standards for others to follow!

We are grateful to our auditors, Mr. Venkata Subramaniam along with Ms. Shweta Mittal (observer) for carrying out our reassessment audit held on 06-07 March 2020. 

Our auditors were very satisfied with the Quality System being maintained in our laboratory.  Their kind words have infused fresh enthusiasm in our minds, as we get ready to move forward and work towards continual improvement and upgradation! 

For us at Cengrs, “QUALITY” is a habit, to actively pursue on a routine basis, not something that is unwillingly imposed upon its staff by the company management. We recognize our commitment to the society at large and are aware that important decisions are taken on the basis of test results that we generate. We work with the motto “We test today for tomorrow’s progress”.