CENGRS performs the geotechnical investigation and geohydrological surveys for Jewar Airport

Publish : Jul 2020, 30

Cengrs has successfully completed the work of geotechnical investigation and geophysical studies for the prestigious Delhi-Noida International Airport (DNIA) Project at Jewar by Yamuna International Airport Private Limited. The proposed plan is to build a two runway airport by 2022-23 and at a future date, to expand it into a 7200-acre 6-runway airport. Once all its expansions are completed, it will be India's largest airport and among the world's largest airports. Our scope of work involves drilling of 530 Boreholes [in Area of Runway, Taxiway & other Areas], 60 Boreholes@ 15 m depth or refusal [in Area of Terminal], 3 Plate Load Tests, 6 Electrical Resistivity Tests, 9 Field CBR Tests.

In addition to this, we have also carried out detailed Geophysical and Geohydrological studies at the project site, including 150 Vertical Electrical Soundings, 10 yield tests, Pump Out tests, etc. The results are being used to assess the groundwater conditions, groundwater recharge plan, yield from wells and other hydro-geological aspects to make the airport a net-zero consumer of water from external sources.