Cengrs performs Geotechnical Investigation for the Bungee in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Publish : Apr 2022, 02

Geotechnical Investigation for a 70 m high bungee jumping tower, a steel structure of about 8m x 8m cross section and 175 tons of total weight (including a 15m x 14m raft foundation with long dimension along the slope). This will be the tallest bungee jumping tower in India.

The tower will be located in an artificially terraced soil covered rectangular area (about 21m x13m) bound by concrete masonry walls, in moderate to steep, largely debris covered slopes. What makes the geotechnical aspects of this project exciting is the complex geology, presence of fault-zones in the vicinity. The area has a fragile landscape and is prone to landslides and other geological hazards.